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We entrust Canadian creators to tell our stories.
They need our help to ensure they are properly compensated.

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Stand up for Canadian Creators

The education sector’s current copying policies state it’s OK to copy a chapter of a published work for free. So what’s the big deal? It’s only one chapter. Watch to learn how this practice impacts the creation of content for tomorrow’s classrooms, and creates a value gap for those who produce those works. It’s time to take action to support Canadian creators & publishers.

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Changes to the Copyright Act in 2012 have led to a value gap for Canadian creators and publishers.

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Over 600 MILLION pages are copied for free each year under current copying policies in education.

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Royalties to creators and publishers for copying of their works have declined by 80% since 2013 levels.

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This is another statistic that will make an important and necessary point.

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The federal government is reviewing the Copyright Act. Please help us to ensure that Canadian lawmakers support Canadian creators and publishers during the review process and restore balance between the need to compensate our creators for educational copying and the need to promote access to quality content.